Trailer maintenance is vital. If you look after your trailer, it will perform brilliantly for many years to come.

However, expecting something to operate in the super harsh environment of salt water with little or no maintenance is asking for trouble.

You will be relived to know that there are a few basic things you can carry out at home to ensure all runs smoothly. Although, as with all things mechanical there comes a time when you should revert to an expert to carry out more in-depth maintenance.

All chassis are hot dipped galvanised, ensuring super resistance to corrosion. NOTE: Towing on salted roads in winter can have a devastating effect on this protection. So either don’t do it or if it is unavoidable make sure the chassis is THOROUGHLY washed down IMMEDIATELY after you stop.

Apart from this is it pretty much indestructible.

Certain elements of the trailer are impossible to galvanise and have been treated with a zinc coating. This needs particular attention as it doers not offer the same protection as galvanising.

We have been using a product call Prolan in an aerosol format to spray on vulnerable parts. Prolan is a Lanolin based product that can be used for a multiple of applications – from general workshop lubricant, the protection and preservation of metals and electronics from corrosion and wear, and is certified for the food-grade industry.

It’s great for the winch gear, U bolt threads and bolts where the lighter zinc protection is susceptible to being attacked by the elements.


For more information, download our information and service manual.