Bespoke Design

Put your dream boat trailer in the hands of the master craftsmen at SBS Trailers and you’ll have a bespoke design trailer that’s been crafted from start to finish with flair and skill.

Our team is highly experienced in every aspect of the design process. By taking a collaborative and transparent approach, we take your project from concept to reality in a smooth, seamless process.

We’ve built our business by listening to our customers, and are confident we’ll be able to help you bring to life your bespoke design. We take the time to understand your exact requirements so that we can craft a specialist trailer that is uniquely yours. We’ll keep you informed throughout the various stages of your bespoke build, so you’ll be able to see your design come together.

At SBS, we handle a lot of tenders for specialist boat trailers from large corporations to Ministry of Defence contracts. Alongside our skill and expertise, it’s our collaborative way of working that our customers truly value. We relish working with stakeholders to produce an end result that meets precise requirements and exceeds expectations.

When you bring your custom build concept to SBS Trailers you’ll be at the start of an exciting journey. With ingenuity, passion, and years of expertise in the business, we are the people to trust with your bespoke design. Let us take it from paper to reality.