UK or EU Trailer

Not sure if you need a UK or EU trailer? Use our flowchart to find out.


Depending on if you plan to export your trailer at any point during its life will affect whether you require a UK or EU trailer. If you are exporting your trailer you will need a trailer from our EU range. Our EU range conforms to the requirements set out by the European Commission.

All our EU trailers come with a certificate of conformity. A certificate of conformity (COC) is a statement by the manufacturer that the vehicle conforms to EU type-approval requirements. EU countries cannot refuse to register vehicles if they are accompanied by a valid COC that proves their compliance with EU law. Any papers you will require to register your trailer will be included with your trailer on delivery or collection, but you will still need to take it to a test station and pay the requisite fee.

All EU Type Approved Trailers include as standard: Cushioned side steps, hub flush kit, ratchet handle, LED waterproof side and forward markers and full EU certification for export purposes. All trailers are fully welded, hot dip galvanised (for resistance to corrosion), have a limited lifetime warranty on chassis structure, sealed bearings, twin speed winches, removable light boards, adjustable axles, supports and snubber and Profi Long-Life Axle Bowden brake cables (if braked).


Trailer use abroad

If you are taking your trailer from the UK into the EU, provided you are towing with a UK registered car, then a UK spec trailer is suitable. If you will be towing with a locally registered car, then you will require an EU spec trailer. In addition to this, if you are taking a trailer into the EU, if you do not plan to take it back into the UK then you will require an EU spec trailer. However, if for example, you are going on holiday from the UK with your trailer, and will be returning back to the UK with your trailer, then a UK spec is suffice. 


Trailer use in the UK

Both our UK and EU trailer ranges are suitable for use within the UK.