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BK1800 Bilge Keel Trailer

£4,753.00 £3,960.83 (ex. VAT)

Gross Capacity (kg) Load Capacity (kg) Length Capacity (m)
1800 1350 6.2
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BK1800 Bilge Keel Trailer Standard Features

  • Waterproof Bearings
  • Alko Security lock On All Braked Versions
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Finish
  • Telescopic Jockey Wheel
  • Auto Reverse Braking With Hydraulic Damped Coupling
  • Rear Lighting On Extending Brackets
  • Adjustable Bilge Keel Channels (unless purpose made)
  • Adjustable Bow Snubber Support

Our BK1800 bilge keel trailer is well suited to boats up to 1350kgs.

We can also provide trailers for boats over 3.5 tonnes please ask for quotation-air brakes necessary over 3500kgs gross

The most common modern cruiser has two bilge keels, no centre keel and will balance perfectly well on its keels. As such, our basic trailer is designed for this type of boat with maximum width of keels being 5`6”. Likewise, for boats with keels over this width we can supply our low loader four and six wheel models to take keel widths up to 7`6”. Centre keel support channels are also available at extra cost.

Trailers over 3500kgs gross are also fitted with eye hitches and standard brakes. However, power brakes must be fitted to comply with legal requirements on these trailers. These can be air or vacuum operated, and is offered at extra cost.


Optional Extras

Our trailers come fully loaded with LED markers as standard. We also offer a range of extras to enhance your trailering experience:

  • Insurance Approved Wheel Lock & Hitch – we stock a variety of insurance approved hitch & wheel locks to fit different wheel widths.
  • Docking Guide Arms – designed to ease the process of loading and unloading.
  • Jack Leg Supports – jack leg supports can also be fitted for added stability.
  • Hub Flush Kit – all our braked trailers can be fitted with hub flush kits to ensure the longevity of the hub and brakes.
  • Winch – winches are available on a bow snubber post if requested.
  • Mast Support – mast supports are also available if required.


Delivery service at extra cost.


View our larger model here.

View our small model here.

Trailer spec

Weight 0.00 kg

All our trailers come with the highest EU specification, which includes:

- Forward facing white LEDs (except on unbraked trailers) - Padded side step - Hub flush kit (on all braked trailers)

If you do not need a full EU specification, please contact us to discuss alternative specifications available.


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