Motor Boats

To determine which support mechanism is best for your boat you first you need to consider a couple of points:

REMEMBER there is huge crossover between the two ranges and the one thing they have in common is that they are both great boat trailers that will provide years of faithful service. But one type may just be better for you then the other.

  • Do I intend to travel long distances in order to use my boat?
  • Am I launching and recovering from known slipways with a good gradient.
  • Will the boat stay on the trailer for most of the time?
  • Will I launch my boat at the beginning of the season and only recover it at the end?
  • Does my boat require specific support due to its construction or age?
  • Do I intend to anti-foul my boat when on the trailer?
  • Am I using it infrequently and only want to spend the minimum I need to get a premium trailer?

If you have answered YES to most of the above then you should consider a bunk style trailer.

If you have answered NO then review the next set of points:

  • I intend to trailer my boat extensively and launch and recover from whatever facility is available.
  • From time to time I beach launch/recover.
  • My local facilities only have a gentle slipway.
  • I have a deep V hull and want the easiest recovery option.
  • I launch and recovery my boat every trip.
  • I am selling my boat and want the best trailer available to enhance its selling value.

If you have answered YES to most of the above then a roller trailer would be your best bet!

Still not sure? Just contact one of our sales team or send an enquiry and we would be more than happy to talk through options.